Grace for daily bloggers

Yesterday, I was pretty tied up with one thing or another. All good things. But nevertheless, I ran out of time to think about something

Snippets from the interweb (24th September 2023)

You probably have a good pastor ‘While no one denies that there are bad pastors, almost no one is discussing the fact that there are

Why I have come off twitter (at least, for now)

After much time thinking about it, I have decided to come away from twitter. I will still keep the account live. As long as WordPress

The evening service? A reply to John Benton

John Benton has written an interesting post on the London Seminary blog. You can read it here. in it, he offers 10 reasons why he

Top 10 views by country of all time

Last in this short rundown of stats, I thought I would share the all time views for the blog by country. Which countries have visited

Snippets from the interweb (28th August 2022)

The church the gospel, humility and class Al Gooderham asks some questions about church leadership, who we mainly seem to put there and how we

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