Snippets from the interweb (31st October 2021)

Can Christians smoke pot if it’s legal?

I thought this was a good, and fair, discussion around this issue. I agree.

When does marriage begin in God’s eyes?

This is a really helpful video. It is clear on the biblical view of when marriage begins. This question has been surprisingly common, and necessary, in our context for various reasons and clarity on this matter is really important.

Jesus spoke a Persian word from the cross

In fact, there are various Persian words in the Bible and one whole book centred in the Persian empire. My church has many Farsi, Azeri and Dari speakers and this is always a point of interest to them too. We try to emphasise the Persian loan-words when we speak too.

A little inoculation against the social gospel

My friend, Stephen Watkinson, talks about a time when he encountered the social gospel and why he wasn’t convinced it would resolve the problems it claimed.

Septuagint: why the Greek Old Testament still matters

Have you ever wondered what those little footnotes saying LXX mean in your Bible? Do they even matter? This article gives a helpful rundown on the Septuagint and why it can be helpful in our study.

Why I am a creationist

‘We may differ on the adjective at the front, but not on the noun. We must be creationists. God is the Potter and we are the clay. This is a crucial truth to affirm and fight for and proclaim to one another and to the world.’

From the archive: Muslims in your pulpit and a question of context

‘When we meet with our Muslim friends, it is for the expressed purpose of sharing our faith with them and learning about theirs. Though we may read the Bible and our Muslim friends may read their Qur’an, there is most definitely no joint act of worship. Nobody in the room is pretending that we are reading God’s Word from the same book nor that we are praying to the same God. We are notably different yet we are glad to learn from and about each other. We all know essentially why we are there. When we hold our weekly service of worship, something else is going on.’