Why does the sovereignty of God matter?

At our weekly Theology Breakfast, we have been looking at the Doctrine of God the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, we were thinking about both

Snippets from the interweb (2nd October 2022)

Church Order – It Matters Strivvo calls us to at least take the issue of church order seriously. Would that more of us did. 6

Why preach expository sermons in deprived places?

What is church fundamentally about?

What is the purpose of the church? If Jesus is to be believed, according to the Great Commission, it is to be a group of

A small, ongoing accommodation

I mentioned the other day that our community groups have started up again. We have rejigged our groups so that different people are mixing with

Food matters, at least a bit

Having wound them down over the summer, yesterday marked the return of our community groups. Later in the year than usual because of our prayer

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