If that isn’t the answer, what is?

News of Phil Spector’s death has been all over the news. You can read his obituary in The Times (paywall). I was particularly struck by

We need more than mere explanation

I wonder what aspect of sermon preparation and/or preaching you tend to find the hardest? I wonder what most preachers find the most difficult bit?

Snippets from the interweb (17th January 2021)

“Real” circumcision (Rom 2:28-29) Bill Mounce looks at an insertion into the text that a number of translation make that isn’t there in the Greek.

Reform, fellowship & disestablishmentarianism

If we want the best, embrace a strong opposition

I saw this post on Facebook yesterday: Underneath that post was the following: In Jean Edward Smith’s biography of George W. Bush, he wrote about

Systemic sin

In light of yesterday’s blog post, I thought it would be worth reposting the following two Facebook posts from Michael Haykin. I saw two Facebook

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