Is this a biblical issue?

Offence and upset in churches abound. You name it, we can find someone who’ll get upset about it. And when we are feeling discontent, it’s

Football health warnings and evangelism

So it seems a professor of something or other thinks that footballs should now be sold with dementia health warnings on them. The Times (paywall)

Accents & grammar: what’s good for the olympics is alright in the pulpit

I can’t say I’ve been watching all that much of the Olympics. But I did pick up on Digby Jones, Baron Jones of Birmingham taking

Snippets from the interweb (1st August 2021)

How would you summarise the Old Testament in 2000 words? Tom Schreiner offers a great, Christ-centred answer to this. Good news, ordinary pastor! You don’t

Are home groups just a failed 1970’s experiment?

Can I be a Christian and not go to church?

Perhaps you have heard this one a few times. ‘I love Jesus’, they say, ‘I just don’t love the church’. Some argue that they can

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