The bounds of knowledge and what God wants us to know

As regular readers will know, I not so long ago came off twitter. You can search this blog, if you’re bothered, to find out why.

How do you decide what to sing?

There are various ways you might decide what you are going sing in church. For some, some more general praise and worship songs lead up

EN Article: Fox News & Knowingly Lying

Having been on hiatus, I have resumed a periodical column with Evangelicals Now. The current edition carries the most recent article. I reproduce it unedited

Past post: Not many apologetic books written like this

For a bunch of reasons, I didn’t have time to write anything new yesterday. Grace for daily bloggers and all that. So, I thought I

Preaching New Testament instructions without moralism

At church, we are fast approaching the end of our series in Hebrews. Yesterday, was the penultimate sermon covering the first part of chapter 13.

Snippets from the interweb (28th May 2023)

What do you do with a church that is not a church? My friend, Stephen Watkinson, raises two important questions and, in this post, answers

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