What I learnt from being retweeted by Peter Hitchens

Of the things I really didn’t expect to find myself doing this weekend – and certainly not at any great length – defending the Mail

Snippets from the interweb (14th November 2021)

How church membership gives us freedom ‘Isn’t it ironic that a high commitment like church membership can bring about a sense of freedom? I’m not

Original Sin & gospel discussions in different cultures

Demanding what is biblical is the only kind thing to do

The last two days, I have posted about the issue of conscience. First, I wrote here about what conscience actually is and why it matters.

Questions of conscience for Baptists and Paedobaptists alike

Yesterday, I published this post on the nature of conscience; what it is and what it means to sear someone’s conscience. One of the examples

What is conscience and why does it matter?

I was talking with a friend a while back about a particular Christian issue. I explained my position to him and he happened to essentially

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