Encouragements from the inaugural meeting of Rochdale Evangelical Church

On Saturday, our podcast spoke about why we were launching a church in the middle of lockdown and the various trials and headaches of attempting

Snippets from the interweb (10th January 2021)

Biblical archaeology’s top 10 discoveries of 2020 ‘There was no shortage of biblical archaeology news in 2020, despite COVID-19 restrictions that canceled almost all of Israel’s scheduled

Launching a church in lockdown

Training when you don’t have spare time

How do you train your people when you are just a single pastor on your own? The work of training people can just seem overwhelming.

What does the Bible say about conspiracy theories? Perhaps more than you think

Not so long ago, I wrote this article about Christians avoiding conspiracy theories. The ultimate problem with conspiracy theories is that they deal in half-truths

Physical gathering, online meeting and false dichotomies

The discussion about whether meeting online is an adequate substitute for physical gathering rages on. Some insist that not meeting is a clear violation of

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