Sola scriptura undergirds the other four solas

In our weekly Theology Breakfast, we have just started doing a historical theology track. In our case, that means a focus on the five solas

Snippets from the interweb (17th September 2023)

Is pastoral work uniquely difficult? ‘It is probably best to give my answer to that question at the outset, and then proceed to think through

Pragmatism, being practical & faithfulness

Why do Christians not just say sorry?

Scandals in the church seem to happen with far greater frequency than any of us think they should or wish they did. There is something

We need to rediscover manageable duty

It has long been known that the church is often somewhere on a pendulum swing. One generation emphases something so much, from which problems ensue,

Don’t overlook Sunday meetings

In the Christian world, we are never far away from someone – or several someones – loading us up with guilt about something or other

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