Evangelicals Now Article: Why I don’t support monarchy

I was asked by Evangelicals Now – around the time of the Queen’s funeral – to write up an alternative view as to why I

Snippets from the interweb (20th November 2022)

Don’t cancel church on Christmas As I can’t co-sign this more than once, I thought I would share it in more than one place instead:

Deciding what to do & whether to press on

A bit of care in what we promote and advocate wouldn’t go amiss

What I am about to write very much falls under the banner of wisdom. It is not expressly stated in the Bible. Nor do I

Explanation, application & mention of Jesus

The other day I wrote a post about what constitutes a competent sermon. You can read that post here. Essentially, I said a competent sermon

Win them with the Word

The old, oft trotted adage is certainly true: what you win them with you win them to. We have to be clear what we are

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