God has it covered, but not always how we think

I have blogged before about how we need to stop saying ‘prayer works’. As I said in that post, but I’ll head of again here,

Let’s stop getting hung up about using and sharing material for the sake of the kingdom

The other day, I spoke about a blog post on the Pastor’s Academy website written by John Benton. You can read what I said about

Where do you get that from the text?

It’s a simple little question, isn’t it? Where do you get that from the text? Simple, but effective. Not only effective, but really quite important.

Snippets from the interweb (5th March 2023)

Unexpected English Idioms (Video) I always enjoy these little, short videos from Bill Mounce on interesting translation issues. This one is about accidentally reading an

How antagonistic is our culture to Christianity?

We need to talk about Hell more than we do

The other day, I spoke about some of our aversion to the doctrine of Hell. You can read that post here. As it happened, yesterday

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