Answers to common objections on the call to leave the Church of England

Last week, in light of the most recent vote on the Church of England General Synod, I wrote some nonconformist thoughts in response. I was,

Snippets from the interweb (19th November 2023)

Preparing a canon of commentaries If you are a preacher who regularly prepares sermons, some great wisdom in this one on what kind of commentaries

Contextualisation issues

The process of preparing a sermon

When I prepare most sermons, I try to block out around two days or c.16 hours to get them done. Often, I don’t use up

Nonconformist thoughts on that General Synod vote

If you follow these sorts of things, you may have picked up that the Church of England have passed another of their oft well received

How we use midweek community groups

Most churches these days have some sort of home group. There are all sorts of ways these can be pointed. In our church, we use

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