But it worked out for me!

I have noticed a a tendency to argue in line with the title of this post quite a lot. Let me give you some examples

Sneering them into the kingdom

I saw this really interesting article by Giles Fraser in Unherd recently. The title of the article is ‘sneering scientists won’t win over anti-vaxxers.’ The

Snippets from the interweb (7th February 2021)

The lost we love most ‘Please don’t lose heart. Don’t believe the lie that nothing will ever change, that there’s nothing more for you to

Doubts & the logic of ‘being broader’

Vaccine rollout programme – made possible by Brexit – leads to faster economic recovery from pandemic

One the biggest issues that many remainers were concerned about in the face of Brexit was the potential impact to the economy. For a long

Context maketh the model

Models can be useful, can’t they? Most of us, if we’re being honest, don’t have the time or ability to think through absolutely everything from

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