Our current conceit on consent

It is pretty hard to avoid the news about Russell Brand at the moment. I have no intention of getting into any of that. I

Sunday school isn’t for kids

One of the issues I have raised a number of times is how to best reach and retain youth. I have argued a number of

Why I am (usually) against event evangelism and the times I am not

I don’t think event-based evangelism is wrong or sinful. So, however you read the rest of what follows, know that I am not saying anyone

Sola scriptura undergirds the other four solas

In our weekly Theology Breakfast, we have just started doing a historical theology track. In our case, that means a focus on the five solas

Snippets from the interweb (17th September 2023)

Is pastoral work uniquely difficult? ‘It is probably best to give my answer to that question at the outset, and then proceed to think through

Why do Christians not just say sorry?

Scandals in the church seem to happen with far greater frequency than any of us think they should or wish they did. There is something

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