My Story

During the lock down, we began recording some testimonies of our members. You can find various ones on our church website here. But somebody was

JC Ryle on Prayer

JC Ryle’s little book – A Call To Prayer – is a great and easy little read. Here he is on private prayer as a

The problem of “I might be wrong”

I was having a conversation with somebody about baptism yesterday on twitter. You can go and read it if you want. This post is not

Funny bones helps the church see less can be more

We took the children to see a local production of Funny Bones yesterday at the local Oldham Library. The whole thing was a silent production.

Monthly Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Fasting

As we’re coming up to Ramadan, our monthly Muslim-Christian Dialogue focused on the concept of fasting in Christianity and Islam. Here is what I said:

Snippets from the interweb (19th March 2023)

Living selflessly with your wife Tim Challies: ‘To live selflessly is to live with an awareness of complementarity, to understand and embrace the differences between

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