It’s about what’s in the text

There are lots of ways you might run a Bible study. You could do something thematic, trying to draw together the Bible’s teaching on a

Preachers, personalities and what often drives our assessment of a good sermon

Have you ever noticed that people often find good preachers where they happen to like people? If someone doesn’t particularly like somebody – whether for

It’s mainly a matter of confidence

Occasionally, I am asked for advice on how to best serve Iranians, or asylum seekers more generally, or how to reach South Asian Muslims, or

James Cleverly, Jesus Christ & who the church is really like?

James Cleverly – the current Home Secretary – last week got himself in a bit of bother. The MP for Stockton North – Alex Cunningham

Snippets from the interweb (26th November 2023)

G.K. Beale on the Expected Universalization of the Old Testament Land Promises ‘In this essay, G. K. Beale explores the Old Testament land promises to

Bible people don’t want to say more or less than the Bible does

The other day, I wrote a post concerning smacking as a prescribed form of discipline in scripture. Given it had reared its head on the

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