The pastor with a thorn in his side – launch event

If you weren’t able to make it, we recorded the launch event for our new book, The Pastor with a Thorn in his Side. You

The collapsed prosecution of soldiers A & C points to questions of consistency

Two days ago, the trial of two former paratroopers collapsed. The men, known as Solider A and Soldier C were acquitted of the murder of

As if on cue, a former judge questions the wisdom of aligning hate speech laws to the views of particular campaign groups

Stories, or types of story, tend to come in little flurries. I have written a lot on this blog about free speech and the rights

We don’t need to be street preachers, or like their message, to be disturbed by this

I was looking on twitter the other day (as you do) and I came across the following post from the leader of the Reform UK

Launch event: The pastor with a thorn in his side

As you will no doubt have picked up if you are a regular reader or you happen to follow me on twitter, or you happen

Snippets from the interweb (2nd May 2021)

How to criticize the church Sometimes the church warrants criticism. But there are good and bad ways criticise it. Here, two approaches are contrasted. Does

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