Groupthink and risk-aversion

Dame Kate Bingham has accused the civil service of groupthink and risk aversion. The Times report: Whitehall is obsessive about avoiding blame and paranoid about

On conscience clauses and valid baptisms: a reply to Dave Williams

Dave Williams has written an article here on having a conscience clause for paedobaptists in baptistic churches. He name checks something I wrote here. I

Are churches really that gullible when it comes to assessing belief in asylum seekers?

It seems The Times have been going hard after the Church of England over the weekend. There was first this piece from Matthew Parris, insisting

Snippets from the interweb (21st November 2021)

Don’t reject God because of his people This was a helpful one. It can be tempting to walk away from the Lord because of his

Planning a carol service? Here are four things we have found matter

We are beginning to get into the mode of thinking about Christmas. We have various plans to reach out and will be looking to promote

Why churches can’t “game” the asylum system

Yesterday, the following headline appeared in The Telegraph newspaper: As a pastor who has been involved in a number of asylum cases, I think there

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