Grace for daily bloggers

Yesterday, I was pretty tied up with one thing or another. All good things. But nevertheless, I ran out of time to think about something to blog about. I got home relatively late Thursday night and immediately jumped on the computer in order to make sure I had something for the next day. Which, as it happens, is what you are reading now.

But as I sat down to write, I reminded myself of something I have been saying quite a lot lately to everybody else. Namely, if it isn’t in the Bible, then you don’t have to do it. You can liberate yourself with that simple thought. If Jesus hasn’t mandated it, and hasn’t specifically asked you to do it, then you don’t have to.

Believe it or not, blogging is not in the scriptures. I haven’t seen it mentioned once. And making sure you have a blog post lined up every day, also not there. Jesus just hasn’t demanded this of me. Which surely means I can give myself a break if and when – as sometimes happens – I don’t manage to get anything down for the next day. I will live and you can all quite happily live without (dare I say, you may even be grateful for the break).

Of course, there is a reason to blog every day. I like the discipline of it. I like getting my thoughts down on whatever it is I have been thinking about. I like the act of writing. I, frankly, like the orderliness of something going out every day. I like all those things. I even like to think that some of what I write here might be helpful for others to read too. I am also conscious that without regular posts on a reasonable, and well maintained schedule, like it or not, readership dips. It seems readers appreciate the regular schedule to some degree too. So, I often feel compelled to make sure I write something, and to line stuff up well in advance when I’m away or I know I have busyness upcoming.

But in the end, Jesus simply doesn’t ask this of me. He doesn’t demand it of anyone. So, if I don’t have something one day, does it ultimately matter? Will Jesus hold it against me on the last day? I’m pretty sure not. So, every once in a while, it’s good to remember there is grace for daily bloggers too. Not only grace, but a reminder that Jesus burden is indeed light and his yoke not heavy, so there is no reason for us to make it unnecessarily so for ourselves.

Thankfully for those of us who thrive on schedule and routine, who like the orderliness of a complete set, even such thoughts can be turned into daily blog fodder. Grace for daily bloggers indeed.