Why twitter has lost its value for us

The single hardest thing about blogging

I am occasionally (very occasionally mind) asked about the nuts and bolts of blogging. People usually want advice about how to set one up and

Why start a blog in 2021?

Yesterday, I wrote how you could get started in blogging for 2021. You can read that post here. But it strikes me it is worth

How to start your own blog in 2021

Over recent years, blogging as a medium has been declared largely dead. But I am convinced that reports of the death of blogging have been

Snippets from the interweb (15th September 2019)

The BBC: 100 genders, 92 league teams ‘That same BBC, the doyen of trustworthy news, has just announced that there are more genders than there

Snippets from the interweb (8th September 2019)

11 questions for prideful pastors (and those who think they’re not!) ‘Ultimately, humility is not a fruit we can paste onto our spiritual tree. It

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