Top posts of all time

Friday and Saturday I gave a run down of the top posts of 2018 by views and shares respectively. Today, I thought it would be interesting to look at the top posts of all time. Now, I say of all time, truth be told it’s only since I migrated the blog from Blogger to WordPress back in 2015. But, based on the stats I’ve got, here are the top 10 posts since the blog moved to WordPress (which is as close to all time as I’ve got).

No change on 2018’s top 2

1. The most concerning thing about the Royal Wedding sermon is the Evangelical reaction

This has been my most read post by some margin.

2. What is the biggest problem facing Evangelicalism? Comfort

Likewise, my calling out the comfort of Western Evangelicalism has been more widely read than other posts by a significant margin.

3. Five beliefs upheld by Calvinists that don’t undermine the doctrines of grace

First change on the top posts of 2018 comes in at number 3. This post addressed some common misconceptions about those who hold to Calvinistic soteriology.

4. Biblical CBT vs Worldly CBT

Here is another entry from the 2018 list, falling one place to fourth.

5. Don’t be weirder than you have to be

Another new entry, this post picked up on a story that hit the mainstream media when a man boarded a train, attempted to engage in some misplaced evangelism which led to passengers pulling the emergency break and jumping out the carriage in fear of their lives. The post made a plea to think about the mode of evangelism before you embark on it.

6. Why do I believe in credobaptism?

Another entry on the 2018 list, dropping 2 places to sixth.

7. What to do when people are disappointing and the church lets you down

Again, another new entry. This post acknowledges the fact that the church isn’t perfect and will inevitably be full of problems. It calls us not to look to the church as the object of our faith but to Christ. It then calls us to a measure of realism and seeks to help us remain faithful to the church the Lord has called us to serve without throwing in the towel every time it lets us down (which it inevitably will from time to time).

8. Don’t say we didn’t warn you

This post, dropping three places from the 2018 top 10, was a reflection on a story in the mainstream media regarding a sexually violent M-2-F transgender prisoner who had been placed in a women’s prison because they had self-identified as female.

9. “No one wants to be the Grinch” but Polly Toynbee reluctantly takes up the mantle

Again, falling three places, this article addresses the hypocrisy of Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee insisting Samaritan’s Purse should not be allowed to evangelise while, ironically, proselytising the nation with her Secular Humanism.

10. When pragmatism overtakes scripture

A new entry, a post from back in 2016 on the problem of pragmatism in the church.