Don’t say we didn’t warn you

A claim that many predicted happening – but was waved away by progressive liberals as a nonsense that would never happen – has, indeed, happened. Apparently, the unkind and nasty views of the overwhelming majority of the British public on this issue – views that have been dismissed as backward, regressive, intolerant and worse by the liberal elites – have proven to be legitimate and entirely predictable.

The Guardian report – still defiantly insisting on the pronoun “she” – that a so-called M-2-F transgender person now known as Karen White (birth name: Stephen Terence Wood), a violent rapist, has been jailed for life after attacking vulnerable women in prison. No, that is not a typo. Having been on remand for multiple rapes and other sexual offences against women, they transferred White to New Hall prison in Wakefield (a women’s prison) on the grounds that they were now identifying as female.

The paper state that White ‘is currently transitioning.’ However, they report:

Prosecutor Chris Dunn described White as an “alleged transgender female” who has used her “transgender persona to put herself in contact with vulnerable persons” whom she could then abuse.

“The prosecution say that because there is smattering of evidence in this case that the defendants approach to transition has been less than committed,” he added.

So what we have here is a violent rapist who was imprisoned for such offences against women, transferred to a women’s prison because they self-identified as a woman and then jailed for life for further such aggressive sexual acts against the very women with whom they were imprisoned.

The problem is that this is all so predictable. Over and over again, warnings were given that self-identification – and the limited checks and balances surrounding gender identity and reassignment – would lead to abuses that would impact the most vulnerable. Abusers and prisoners would readily self-identify as women in order to gain access to those that they wish to abuse or for other dubious reasons. Despite insisting on their self-identification, also unsurprisingly, these offences continue being committed with the key anatomical evidence that undercuts the very claim to be a woman.

Yet despite what has been obvious to just about everybody for the entirety of human history, the last five years or so – based on scant scientific evidence – has decided to overturn such thinking. In fact, so pernicious has the ‘you can be whatever you want’ and the ‘be your true self’ (which is whatever you perceive yourself to be) mentality, that we have now taken to putting people with working penises, prisoners who have been convicted of rape by using that appendage as a weapon against women, into women’s prisons with open access to large numbers of vulnerable women on the grounds that they wore a wig, false breasts and claimed to be a woman. Surely, if we can agree on anything, it has to be that this is utterly nuts!

My big concern is that this agenda is so very damaging. Not just to the people who transition but to vulnerable people who will inevitably be the victims of those predators who will abuse – indeed, have already started abusing – this lax system.

Worst of all, we are pushing this confusing ideology onto children. We are arguing that gender is whatever you perceive it to be rather than what it is in actuality. Instead of offering people who are struggling with their identity the help to align their mind to the physical reality, we are insisting that the answer is to change the body in a bid to bring it in line with a perception in the mind. We simply do not treat any other such perception this way. In every other case, we call it a mental health issue. I cannot fathom why this is the only exception and why, only in the last few years, this has apparently been deemed obvious.

We have so bought into that agenda, we are now endangering the most vulnerable in society because – so far as I can see – we are simply too scared to point out that the Emperor has no clothes and we fear being labelled ‘regressive’ more than we care about the real-life consequences of what we are pushing.

David Robertson shared this important video on this issue on his blog and I share it again here. He comments:

One fascinating proposal is that if you officially change you can only do so once.  Apparently you are free to change – but not to change back.  The Trans activists are doing their best to suppress the stories of Trans people with regrets so I thought I would post this film here whilst I can still can.  Worth watching these stories…very revealing.