Gnostic Christmas leads many of us into sin

There is a gnostic streak that runs through a lot of evangelicalism. Whilst there are some who have a gnostic emphasis on special knowledge and

Your love for Jesus is measured by what he asks of you, not by how you treat Christmas

Around this time of year, we get a lot of talk about how Christians should celebrate Christmas. For some, it is nothing more than a

Why Nazareth is good news for Oldham

I – seemingly against the grain – really, genuinely, love Oldham. I love living here, I love the people, I think it is brilliant. I

Snippets from the interweb (3rd December 2023)

The purpose and limit of a husband’s authority Jonathan Leeman: ‘Brother husband, you’re not your wife’s sinless, all-wise redeemer. She has one: Christ. Yet Christ

Simple ways to encourage different cultural expressions in church

In a multicultural church, it can be easy to let the dominant culture dominate everything. it is especially hard when your elders are drawn from

It’s about what’s in the text

There are lots of ways you might run a Bible study. You could do something thematic, trying to draw together the Bible’s teaching on a

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