The interplay of societal & church cultures

Why do Christians not just say sorry?

Scandals in the church seem to happen with far greater frequency than any of us think they should or wish they did. There is something

When Paul Simon met John Stott (and what we can learn from it today)

I recently came across the following account of when the singer, Paul Simon, met the one-time leader of Anglican evangelicalism, John Stott. Here is what

The judgement of getting what we want

The other day, I wrote about the most atrocious thing you can possibly do in any given job. It wasn’t stealing artefacts from a museum

Coutts, Farage and that regular refrain rolling around again

Ugh, here we go again! It is sad to have to begin this by explaining that I am not a great fan of Nigel Farage.

Navigating Society & Politics

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