Top 10 views by country of 2022

Following on from yesterday’s rundown of the top 10 all time views on each blog post, I thought I would offer a rundown of the

Top 10 most viewed posts of all time

Yesterday, I offered a rundown of the top 10 most views posts of 2022. Again, as has become customary, today I am going to offer

Most viewed posts of 2022

This is the time when reviews of the year start popping up everywhere. In keeping with that, I usually use this time of year to

Top 10 countries by views of all time

The following countries provided the largest number of views to this blog since it migrated to WordPress: 10. Philippines As with all the bottom 5

Most viewed posts of all time

Yesterday, I shared the top 10 most read posts of 2021. Today, I thought I would share the most read posts of all time (at

Top countries for views of all time

10. China 9. Singapore 8. Germany 7. India 6. South Africa 5. New Zealand 4. Australia 3. Canada 2. United States 1. United Kingdom

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