Top 10 views by country of 2022

Following on from yesterday’s rundown of the top 10 all time views on each blog post, I thought I would offer a rundown of the top 10 views by country of 2022.

I am fairly confident a significant number of these owe their visits to shares from Tim Challies. I am especially grateful to him for regularly including this blog on his daily A La Carte feature.

10. Ireland

Surprisingly low on the list, 1,250 views this year have come from across the Irish Sea.

9. Singapore

In at number nine, Singapore have visited just under 1,400 times.

8. India

Pipping Singapore to 8th spot, India has visited just over 1,400 times.

7. South Africa

South Africa has viewed posts just over 1,500 times putting them in seventh place for visits this year.

6. New Zealand

New Zealanders have visited just under 1,750 times making them the 6th most likely country to visit this blog.

5. Philippines

This is probably the most strangely high this year. Filipinos have visited this blog 3,750 times, putting them in fifth. The reason this is strange (to my mind at least) is one assumes primarily English speaking countries would be amongst the highest visits. But it is a delight to see the Philippines so high on the list. Glad to welcome them.

4. Australia

At fourth place, Australians have visited this blog over 5,100 times.

3. Canada

Canadians have stopped by over 9,000 times.

2. USA

As has followed every year since this blog started the top 3 have remained unchanged. But by something of a landslide, the top two countries provide the most views. This year, the USA viewed this blog around 76,000 times.

1. UK

In perhaps the least surprising position of all, the UK has provided the most views this year coming here 108,000 times.