Top 10 views by country of all time

Last in this short rundown of stats, I thought I would share the all time views for the blog by country. Which countries have visited most since the blog translated to WordPress and for which I have stats?

10. Germany

Not even making the top 10 for 2022, Germany has visited 10th most. There have been nearly 5,600 German visitors. This is one of the more surprising entries on the list. I don’t expect a great deal of engagement among predominantly non-English speaking countries. But thanks for stopping by Germany!

9. Singapore

Regularly among the top 10 countries for visits, Singapore comes in at number 9 for all time views with just under 5,800 visits.

8. India

India has visited 6,900 times.

7. South Africa

South Africa comes in at number 7. South Africans have visited nearly 7,700 times.

6. Philippines

As I noted in the 2022 rundown, I was surprised by the number of visits we’ve had from the Philippines. Since stats have been collected on WordPress, Filipinos have visited over 8,100 times.

5. New Zealand

Unsurprisingly, the top 5 countries for visits are all predominantly English-speaking. New Zealand comes first with just under 9,000 visits.

4. Australia

The top four places see a big leap up in number of visits. Australians have visited the site nearly 30,000 times. Over 3 times as many views from Australia as from its near neighbour New Zealand.

3. Canada

Canada take up the first podium position. Canadians have visited nearly 50,000 times.

2. United States

In an even bigger leap up, the top two positions are streets ahead of any other country for visits. Folks from the USA have visited this blog around 390,000 times. That is nearly 8 times as many as visits from Canada and 13 times as many as Australia.

1. United Kingdom

Most unsurprisingly of all, people from the UK have visited most of all. Being a UK pastor, often speaking into very specifically UK-context things, that makes sense. Also, most my real-life contacts and people who know me and might be interested in anything I might say are here in the UK too. People from the UK have visited over 580,000 times. I supposed what is most surprising about that is US visits are far closer than I thought they would be and though the UK clearly outstrips them by a significant margin, the gap is closer than I imagined it would be.

Anyhoo, as ever, thank you so much for following this blog. Every person who reads, engages and interacts with it is truly appreciated (even if you don’t like anything that is written here and like to tell me so on twitter). I am grateful to every person, from every country, who continues to read my thoughts from my little part of the world. I look forward to engaging with you throughout 2023.