Top 10 views by country of all time

Last in this short rundown of stats, I thought I would share the all time views for the blog by country. Which countries have visited

Top 10 most viewed posts of all time

Yesterday, I offered a rundown of the top 10 most views posts of 2022. Again, as has become customary, today I am going to offer

Most viewed posts of 2022

This is the time when reviews of the year start popping up everywhere. In keeping with that, I usually use this time of year to

A bit of care in what we promote and advocate wouldn’t go amiss

What I am about to write very much falls under the banner of wisdom. It is not expressly stated in the Bible. Nor do I

The essential problem with Pride

I am loath to write into this because of the inevitable kickback. Though, I think, the growing number of voices objecting to the ideology that

Top 10 countries by views in 2021

The following countries provided the largest number of views in 2021: 10. Germany This year, the Building Jerusalem blog received 1,381 views from Germany. 9.

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