Top 10 countries by views in 2021

The following countries provided the largest number of views in 2021:

10. Germany

This year, the Building Jerusalem blog received 1,381 views from Germany.

9. Ireland

1,642 views have come from across the Irish Sea.

8. Singapore

Beating Ireland by 4 views, Singapore have viewed this blog 1,646 times.

7. India

India have viewed posts 1,793 times.

6. New Zealand

There have been just under 2,000 views from NZ.

5. Philippines

And only just over 2,000 from the Philippines.

4. Australia

A big leap up in views from Australia. More views have come from here than the bottom three combined. More views have come from here than New Zealand and Philippines combined.

3. Canada

Again, another big leap up here. Almost double the number of views from Canada compared to Australia.

2. USA

Unsurprisingly, the USA makes up a massive number of views. It has seven times as many views as that from Canada and makes up about 1/3 of all views on this blog.

1. United Kingdom

Even less surprisingly, about half of all views on this blog come from the UK.