Most viewed posts of all time

Yesterday, I shared the top 10 most read posts of 2021. Today, I thought I would share the most read posts of all time (at least, since I migrated my existing blog to WordPress). Here are the 10 most read posts:

10. The scariest verse in the Bible and how it should focus our minds on the task at hand

A new entry to the most read posts of all time from 2021. This post considered the scariest of all Bible verses for your pastor.

9. Are small groups overrated, unaccountable and ineffective and should we bother with them

The two top posts of 2021 have both snuck in as new entries to the all time most viewed list. This one looked at the value of home groups and whether they are a vital part of church ministry or a failed 1970s experiment.

8. Three ways the prosperity gospel has infected our churches

At number eight, this post from 2019. We are quick to note the existence of the prosperity gospel ‘out there’, but this one looks at how it has infected many of our supposedly good, doctrinally sound Conservative Evangelical churches.

7. Biblical CBT vs Worldly CBT

Seventh most read post of all time comes from 2018. It simply contrasts the advice the world would often give us with the statements of truth we read in scripture. It is not trying to suggest CBT is at all bad nor that secular CBT is unhelpful.

6. Five beliefs upheld by Calvinists that don’t undermine the doctrines of grace

This one, from 2017, looks at common misconceptions around Calvinistic belief and points to some things that Calvinists believe that do not undermine the doctrines of grace they hold dear.

5. What to do when people are disappointing and the church lets you down

Another from 2017, this one continues to get views because people continue to disappoint and the church, being full of sinful people, continues to sometimes let us down. Knowing how to respond when those things happen remain, sadly, an ongoing issue and ever will until Jesus comes again.

4. Complementarianism and answering Beth Moore’s valid questions

From 2020, this one responded to two genuine questions from Beth Moore posed on twitter. In it, I outline my understanding of complementarianism and how that plays out against the background of the specific questions she posed. The response suggests this is how many British complementarians also understand that doctrine.

3. The advance of the new legalism

Also from 2020, number 3 looked at a new form of legalism that seemed to be on the rise and contrasted it with the old form of legalism that many of us would be more au fait with.

2. What is the biggest problem facing Evangelicalism? Comfort

This one, from 2018, addresses the problem of comfort in the Western Evangelical church. I suspect it keeps being read because, frankly, it is still our biggest problem.

1. The most concerning thing about the royal wedding sermon was the Evangelical reaction

Still my most read post of all time – occupying the top spot for the last three years – is one from 2018 regarding Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I have no idea why it still gets traction given it was written at a particular cultural moment that has long since passed.