Top 10 countries by views for 2020

10. Singapore

Flag of Singapore - Wikipedia

In at number 10, we have received 969 views from Singapore throughout 2020.

9. Philippines

Flag of the Philippines - Wikipedia

At 9, 1,139 views have come from the Philippines this year.

8. Germany

Flag of Germany - Wikipedia

At 8, 1,365 views have come from Germany.

7. South Africa

Flag of South Africa - Wikipedia

1,421 views have come from South Africa in 2020, putting it at number 7.

6. India

Flag of India - Wikipedia

India brought 1,678 views and places it in sixth place.

5. New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand - Wikipedia

2,022 have come from New Zealand this year, putting it as the fifth highest country for views.

4. Australia

Flag of Australia - Wikipedia

Jumping up a bit, Australia brought the fourth highest number of views, with 6,353 throughout 2020.

3. Canada

Flag of Canada - Wikipedia

Canada brought the third largest number of views, with 9,221 people viewing the blog from there during 2020.

2. United States

Flag of the United States - Wikipedia

The front two referring countries are runaway leaders by a mile. In second place, the United States viewed this blog 79,390 times in 2020.

1. United Kingdom

Flag of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

Perhaps least surprisingly of all, the overwhelming majority of views in 2020 have come from the UK. 125,125 views were from here, which accounts for around half of all views this year. What is perhaps most surprising is that the percentage here is not higher.