Why you don’t have to turn the TV off when the pastor visits

Yesterday, Jeremy Walker made the following comment on twitter: Now, I have heard these comments many times before. I remember one pastor – when I

Liking people & good disagreement

As various strikes break out across the public sector – and seem to show no signs of abating any time soon – an interesting, but

Top 10 views by country of all time

Last in this short rundown of stats, I thought I would share the all time views for the blog by country. Which countries have visited

Top 10 views by country of 2022

Following on from yesterday’s rundown of the top 10 all time views on each blog post, I thought I would offer a rundown of the

Top 10 most viewed posts of all time

Yesterday, I offered a rundown of the top 10 most views posts of 2022. Again, as has become customary, today I am going to offer

Deciding what to do & whether to press on

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