Snippets from the interweb (1st January 2023)

Happy New Year to you. I trust you will have a blessed 2023.

A foolproof discipling programme

So many of us simply forget the corporate gathering on Sunday as though it doesn’t count as proper discipleship. But it really does.

Andrew Thorburn vindicated (and before Jesus returns too!)

If you have been following this story at all, this is good news.

The Crushing Obligation to keep doing more and more

‘Surely there are many Christians who are terribly busy because they sincerely want to be obedient to God. We hear sermons that convict us for not praying more. We read books that convince us to do more for global hunger. We talk to friends who inspire us to give more and read more and witness more. The needs seem so urgent. The workers seem so few. If we don’t do something, who will? We want to be involved. We want to make a difference. We want to do what’s expected of us. But there just doesn’t seem to be the time.’

How not to gossip during the holidays

Or, frankly, at any other time. Some helpful thoughts on avoiding gossip.

What makes for a good musical worship experience?

Some helpful thoughts from John Piper in this one.

A certain kind of Christian

I don’t usually link to Twitter threads, but Tim Challies originally shared this one and I thought it was helpful so decided to share it too. Truth be told, I think an awful lot of us have this in us to some degree.

From the archive: The Only Failure Is Unfaithfulness

‘The measure of our success is nothing less than faithfulness. Whether your church grows in number or not, whether your finances go up or down, whether you increase of decrease the number of programmes, the only question that matters is this: were you faithful? Did you faithfully obey the Lord in the ministry he has given to you?’