Snippets from the interweb (30th December 2018)

Belonging before believing? (video)

Why is belonging before believing a bad idea? This video gives a helpful answer.

Is a plurality of elders necessary in the local church?

‘The main reason for organizing the leadership of the local church with a plurality of elders is not based on the benefits since this is not a pragmatic decision. The reason a plurality of elders is necessary is because of the fact that it’s clearly modeled in Scripture as the God-ordained pattern of leadership for a local church.’

Salutary lessons from the evils of Nazi ideology

‘There has been a temptation in dealing with Nazism to dismiss Nazi ideology as shallow, a creed designed by psychopaths and believed by idiots. This is perhaps connected to an understandable fear that explaining the attraction of Nazism might somehow become a means of excusing it. The problem with such an approach is that it feeds the mentality that sees the Nazi “them” so alien to the enlightened “us” that we might just fall into the same ditch without even noticing.’

Why in 2019 the tide for Evangelicalism might just turn

‘While it seems that the tide has gone a long way out in recent years, we all know what happens when tides go a long way out: they tend to rush in with equal and opposite force. And the tide’s been out for evangelistic fruit for some time, but it feels like it might be coming back in. And with some force with it, if the first tricklings are any indication.’

Twenty really weird criticisms pastors receive

These lists from Thom Rainer are often funny (if infuriating). My wife has received number 20 on the grounds hers lasted all day! I have received numbers 1, 6, 9, 10 and 16 personally (or some variation of them). If you are thinking of saying these to your pastor, don’t.

Count the cost of raising true disciples (and know that it’s worth it)

‘When we pray that our children will have tender hearts toward the things of God, when we pray that they will be radically devoted to Him, we must also be prepared for what that really means. And we must remind each other, over and over again: it’s worth it. He is worth it.’

From the archive: Top posts of 2017

I thought this one might be interesting to compare to my all time top posts coming out on the 31st.