You don’t have to listen to me!

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the voices that we are called to listen to in ministry. I think the four groups of people

We aren’t called to listen to everybody

There are a whole series of people whose views and opinions I have little interest in. They may disagree with me, they may call on

Grace for daily bloggers

Yesterday, I was pretty tied up with one thing or another. All good things. But nevertheless, I ran out of time to think about something

Why I said nothing about that thing you wanted me to say something about

I wrote a while ago why I was coming off twitter. You can read my reasons here. But amongst them was the regular call to

Understanding the wider purpose of the biblical writers

I was just yesterday preparing the second sermon in a series we will be starting in Matthew halfway through July this year. In the first

Why I have come off twitter (at least, for now)

After much time thinking about it, I have decided to come away from twitter. I will still keep the account live. As long as WordPress

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