Snippets from the interweb (24th September 2023)

You probably have a good pastor

‘While no one denies that there are bad pastors, almost no one is discussing the fact that there are bad churches. Where are the documentaries and podcasts discussing pastor-destroying churches? There is precious little discussion about the fact that there is hardly a pastor out there who has not been wounded, slandered, bullied, or run off from a church by bad associate pastors and ungodly church members.’

What Smaller Churches Get Wrong When They Look at Bigger Churches

There is some wisdom in this one. There’s no sense comparing apples with oranges. Nor is there that much sense in comparing cooking apples with crab apples, which feels like a closer comparison to big church/small church, same thing but different variety serving different purposes.

Help me find a loving dentist

I think he might not be talking about dentists but a what’s-good-for-the-goose situation. Though I don’t totally rule out he might just really not like his dentist.

The Sons of God and the daughters of men

This one helpfully lays out the competing options for understanding a tricky and much debated part of Genesis.

Did Abraham lie? How not to rescue a patriarch

I agree with Dave Williams in this one. I think Abraham did lie and I think it matters, not only for the story, but for us too.

When Genuine Obedience Becomes Impossible, Hell Becomes Impossible as Well

Kevin DeYoung raises an important one here about how we understand the difference between totally pure motives and obedience to Christ.

From the archive: Unless you lead a legit house church, can we stop baptising people in the bath?

‘Fun as it might be – edgy and feeling like fronline mission as it may do – can we please stop privately baptising folk in the bath. Unless you’re in a house church, it isn’t baptism. It’s individualistic nonsense that undermines the very sign of belonging that Jesus gave to his people.’