Snippets from the interweb (30th January 2022)

Never underestimate the value of ordinary, brief, Christian conversations

‘We count the big stuff. The things we can put in our calendar. And because we neglect to notice the myriad small discipling moments, we neglect to utilize them. We overlook the value of ordinary, brief, Christian conversations.’

Don’t date that guy

I second this one.

Building the kingdom

I agree with Al Gooderham. I used to think church buildings didn’t really matter. I think, increasingly, they will matter more and more.

Handle the text carefully

This is a good reminder. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard preachers land hard on the very specific meaning of a word, minimally, unnecessarily and, more commonly, wrongly given the context.

When does God (not man) consider a couple married?

I’m not sure I quite buy the distinction between Christian and Secular marriage drawn at the end of this one, but I do think the overall point the post makes is right. Pseudo-marriage is not a thing.

Literal interpretation

I don’t usually link to Twitter threads. But this one from Richard Barcellos on the so-called ‘literal’ hermeneutic is excellent.

From the archive: I didn’t go to the church prayer meeting and it was absolutely the right decision

‘You may think this a terrible thing. Isn’t it awful that the pastor didn’t go out to the prayer meeting. But not only do I maintain this was a good decision, I think it was an absolutely right decision for a number of reasons.’