Top countries accessing Building Jerusalem in 2019

At the end of last week, I gave a rundown of the top 10 most viewed posts on this blog. I’m going to run a few more stats based posts over the next few days. But today, I thought it would be interesting to look at the top 10 countries accessing this blog in 2019.

About half of all the total views for this year came from the United Kingdom. Given that the blog speaks from a British context into many British issues, this will shock nobody.
Second, by a country mile, is the USA. Around 35% of total views came from America. The US and the UK between them account for c. 85% of total views. Compared to these two, most others pale into insignificance.
Third, Canada brought in 5% of views this year.
Australia comes fourth, having given us c. 6,500 views this year
New Zealand comes in at number 5 with around 1500 views.
South Africa take the sixth spot with an almost identical number of views to New Zealand.
In seventh, we receive just over 1000 views from India.
Eighth, just shy of 1000 views came from Singapore.
With an almost identical number to Singapore, Malaysia takes up ninth spot.
Again, with barely less than Malaysia, Germany takes the 10th space.

It is probably worth saying that in these days of VPNs and such things, these stats are not wholly reliably. But they paint an interesting picture. Naturally, English-speaking nations access most for obvious reasons.