Top posts of all time

A few days ago, I did a rundown of the top 10 most viewed posts of 2019. I followed that up with the top 10 countries accessing the blog. I thought it might be interesting to highlight today the top 10 most viewed posts of all time.

So, starting with the most viewed, here are the top 10 Building Jerusalem posts of all time.

The most concerning thing about the royal wedding sermon was the Evangelical reaction

Still the standout most viewed post written on this blog, with several thousand more views than its nearest rival, was this article on the Royal Wedding sermon at Harry & Meghan’s wedding in 2018. Quite what made it so popular, I can’t say. But it was the most read article last year and remains so now.

What is the biggest problem facing Evangelicalism? Comfort

Also holding the same space as last year, this article on comfort driving Evangelicalism continues to be widely read. That problem also continues to be the biggest issue facing the church.

Five beliefs upheld by calvinists that don’t undermine the doctrines of grace

This one is one of those myth-busting type of articles. You probably thought calvinists believed this but they actually believe that. It outlines the doctrines of grace and goes on to state five things calvinists still believe that are entirely in line with those other beliefs.

Three ways the prosperity gospel has infected our churches

This is the first in the list from 2019. This article looked at how the prosperity gospel has subtly infiltrated otherwise solid, Bible-believing Evangelical churches.

Biblical CBT vs Worldly CBT

This one drew upon my own experience of severe depression and looked at how the Bible offers CBT in a way the world will often do less helpfully.

A few thoughts on that Liam Neeson interview

Only the second one on the list from 2019. This post looked at an interview undertaken by Liam Neeson in which he admitted to seeking revenge and doing so in a way that was clearly racist.

Don’t be weirder than you have to be

An ever popular one from back in 2017, this one picked up on the story of a man who decided to undertake some particularly unwise evangelism in the middle of a packed train whom commuters believed to be a terrorist. The post makes a case for being wise and winsome in our evangelism.

What to do when people are disappointing and the church lets you down

We all know they are and it will. This post four simple suggestions for what to do when it inevitably happens.

Why do I believe in credobaptism

Does what it says on the tin this one. It’s not knocking whatever anyone else believes. It is just a few of the reasons I find credobaptism the more compelling position.

When is it legitimate to leave a church?

Another one from the top 10 in 2019. This one lays out when it is and isn’t legitimate to leave your church.