Two baptism & two new members

On Sunday, we baptisted two Iranian men.

Here is Mohsen being baptised:

And here is Amir:

Both are former Muslims. Both gave testimony to how they had once understood that the way to God was based on their good works. Both similarly gave testimony of how they came to believe that they are saved by faith in Christ and his cross-work. Both could affirm that this meant they could be accepted by God because of what he had done for them and not based on what they would do for him.

It was a joy to be able to welcome these brothers into membership of the church. They publicly professed faith in Christ and associated with him in the way Jesus commanded them to do. In so doing, they were baptised into the church and were associating with the Lord’s people. At that point, they became members of Oldham Bethel Church and associated themselves formally with our local church.

As members of our church, Mohsen and Amir are able to partake of the privileges of membership and will undertake their membership responsibilities. They will now be able to share the Lord’s Supper with us each week – proclaiming that Christ has died for their sin and that they are in right standing with the people in our church. They will be able to serve alongside the Lord’s people, no longer as guests in the home, but as joint family members. They will be able to involve themselves in the decision-making and governance of church life, having an active stake in all that it does. They will also be joining with the church in helping each member continue to walk rightly with the Lord Jesus.

When we baptised Mohsen and Amir, not only did they proclaim their faith in Jesus, but the church affirmed their faith and agreed that their understanding of the gospel combined with their testimony convinced us that they too are believers. Having been baptised into the church, we will now weekly affirm their faith and agree with them that they are genuine believers by joining in the Lord’s Supper with them. They will remain in church membership unless and until they deny the Lord, either overtly in word or in unrepentant deed.