Monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue: Causes of rejoicing

We held our monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue event last Sunday. I was told – fairly last minute – as the month of Mohammad’s birth was upon

The solution to our grumbling problem

Well, the sun has come out at last. We are (at least for our British thermostats) experiencing something of a hot streak. And guess what

On the argument to pastoral concerns

I am often unsure what to make of people, faced with teaching from scripture, want to encourage us to consider the “pastoral implications”. Whether it

Why points based systems cannot work

There is a scene in The Good Place that outlines the absurdity of points-based legal systems so far as salvation is concerned. Here is a

The strange and wonderful links the church make

The church is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t always seem that way, but it honestly is. Perhaps most amazingly is the network of believers that

Voter response to green policies mirror Christian response to the commands of Christ

It was interesting to see, in the recent by-elections prompted by resignations (including of our erstwhile Prime Minister), one interesting result. All were Tory seats

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