Gospel Worker – New Role

You may have picked up we are looking for a second full-time worker at Oldham Bethel Church. Below is the advert we have put out

Why so much more lies behind a simple visit from a school

We seem to be on a run with schools visits lately. Last week, we had two classes visit the church. Yesterday, we had another two

In your search for a worker, why draw your boundaries so wide?

We are currently in the process of looking for a second full-time worker for the church. You can read our job advert here if it

Interview on Free Church of Scotland Healthy Church Podcast

I was recently interviewed by David Meredith for the Healthy Church Podcast. David is the Missions Director for the Free Church of Scotland. We discussed

The Total Football approach to service & appointing employees

Yesterday, I wrote about our desire to get a second full-time worker. I outlined some of what we were looking for and why we are

What do we actually need?

You may or may not know that our church is currently looking for a second full time worker. If you are interested, you can read

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