Comfort that a command is not universal suggests we are the very people to whom Jesus would issue the command

I am just in the process of preparing a sermon from Matthew 19. As I was reading RT France’s commentary in the Tyndale New Testament

Can we judge who belongs to the kingdom?

Spiritual value and mandating what Jesus doesn’t

We are currently going through a series in Matthew’s gospel. This past Sunday, we reached a section that included Jesus eating with tax collectors and

If salvation is by grace, we can have no part in it (including willing up faith)

I am increasingly convinced that the main reason free will advocates remain among us is not the oft-cited sense in which we are desperate to

The solution to our grumbling problem

Well, the sun has come out at last. We are (at least for our British thermostats) experiencing something of a hot streak. And guess what

On the argument to pastoral concerns

I am often unsure what to make of people, faced with teaching from scripture, want to encourage us to consider the “pastoral implications”. Whether it

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