Don’t make the Christian life harder than Jesus does

One of the problems with writing a daily blog is idea generation. My answer to this problem, much of the time, is to turn to

Talking to the kids about Jesus

I have written a number of time on this blog about how the best way to reach and disciple children in the church is to

Discipleship isn’t just informal

It is interesting when you talk to people about discipleship that they almost always think only in terms of one-to-one informal meet-ups. One-to-ones are great,

The roll call of faith and wondering if we could do the same

In our community group last Tuesday, we were thinking about the roll call of faith. One of the things that always comes up looking at

Stop calling faithfulness a sacrifice

We need to stop calling obedience and faithfulness to the commands of Christ “sacrifice”. There, I said it. It is not sacrifice to do what

Why Matthew Parris’s week of research has, unsurprisingly, not dealt a killer blow to the doctrine of the atonement

I wrote, around Easter, about an article in The Times by Matthew Parris. You can read my post here and follow the link to the

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