It’s more awkward to reject the virgin birth

Around this time of year, you will begin to find folks who insist we don’t need to believe in the virgin birth. After all, the

Observations on Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus

Biblical genealogies rarely get people excited. We kind of find our own family tree interesting, but the family background of other people is considerably less

Gnostic Christmas leads many of us into sin

There is a gnostic streak that runs through a lot of evangelicalism. Whilst there are some who have a gnostic emphasis on special knowledge and

Why Nazareth is good news for Oldham

I – seemingly against the grain – really, genuinely, love Oldham. I love living here, I love the people, I think it is brilliant. I

Sometimes, no amount of evidence is enough

It is not uncommon, nor unreasonable, for people to ask us for evidence of why we believe in Jesus. It is perfectly right and proper

Light Party: What we said

Yesterday, we held our annual Light Party. Instead of celebrating Halloween, we want to celebrate the light that has come into the world. Many Muslims

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