It may not be Socialism but we should stop making that point

We’ve been continuing our series in Acts. This week we reached Acts 2:41-47 and we were looking at what Spirit-led community ought to look like in practice.

It is notable how many commentators, when reaching Acts 2:44-5, insist on speaking at length about how those verses have nothing to do with Communism or Socialism. The short clips explains why, although that is ultimately true, we should stop making that point.

We also considered how the believers had all things in common and were selling their goods as each had need. The clip discusses why we should seriously consider selling our houses for the Lord and his people and considers what should happen if we don’t do that.

Some choice quotes:

Now you can’t even mention these verses in certain circles without somebody, usually American, insisting this has nothing to do with Communism or Socialism. Every commentary on this passage mentions Communism or Socialism. When they do, especially when preachers do it, particularly if those preachers are relatively well off, it comes across a lot like rich people desperately trying to justify why they don’t have to share their stuff with you.

You’re probably thinking, ‘steady on! Sell my house?’ Well, maybe, yes. It may be that someone’s need outweighs your need to own your own home. And if we rightly understand what Christ has done for us, that should be entirely OK.

Are we people who go without things we would otherwise have because we’ve prioritised giving to the Lord and his people? Quite a challenge, isn’t it?

If you would like to hear the whole sermon on Acts 2:41-47, visit our website here.