Answers to common objections on the call to leave the Church of England

Last week, in light of the most recent vote on the Church of England General Synod, I wrote some nonconformist thoughts in response. I was,

Nonconformist thoughts on that General Synod vote

If you follow these sorts of things, you may have picked up that the Church of England have passed another of their oft well received

How we use midweek community groups

Most churches these days have some sort of home group. There are all sorts of ways these can be pointed. In our church, we use

What do we do at community group?

Most weeks – barring a monthly prayer meeting or a quarterly members’ meeting – our church hosts community groups. These usually meet in homes. But

A cultural problem of false gospels and fellowship

Yesterday, following Denny Burk’s article on fellowship and orthodoxy, I asked about our own consistency on fellowship when it comes to the propagation of false

A question of consistency: Roman Catholic vs Protestant false gospels

Denny Burk has written a post titled Christians Cannot “Agree to Disagree” With Wolves. I’d encourage you to read the whole thing. You can guess

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