EN Article: ‘Cakegate’, C-list Celebs & cheeky Christians

I have resumed a periodic column with Evangelicals Now. The current edition carries the most recent article. I reproduce it unedited and in full here.

How can ministers support each other in ministry?

The truth about pastoral ministry is that it’s hard. I don’t want to suggest it is necessarily harder than other things, but it does come

Talk of tithing misses the point

Being English, I don’t like talking about money very much. I find it deeply embarrassing. Being an English pastor, I like talking about money even

Three reflections as we approach Christmas

Here are three things you might want to think on this Christmas time: Let your gifts remind you of the greatest gift I think presents

The joy of giving

As Christmas is approaching, we are beginning to think about presents. Particularly, we are beginning to think about presents for our children. What might they

If you really want to know, come and see

One of the best ways to get a feel for any mission work is simply to go and see it for yourself. I was reflecting

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