Three reflections as we approach Christmas

Here are three things you might want to think on this Christmas time:

Let your gifts remind you of the greatest gift

I think presents are great. I love getting them. Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive, but it feels pretty blessed receiving stuff too. And there can be no greater blessing than receiving the Lord Jesus. As we open and enjoy our gifts, let them remind you of the greater gift of Christ himself.

Let your giving remind you the greater giver

I enjoy giving people presents. I’m not very good at much, but I am told I’m not bad at getting people gifts. I’m sure they’re not always bang on, but I reckon I do an OK job of thinking what people might like and getting them something that shows at least a bit of thought.

But as we give our gifts to others, let it turn our thoughts to the greater giver. As good at gifts as we think we are, God himself is a far greater giver. He gives us good gifts that we need and gladly gives us things to enjoy too. As we give our gifts to each other, let us give thanks to the greater giver for his gifts to us too.

Let your joy remind you of the greater joy to come

At the end of the day, I really like Christmas. I enjoy it. I love the festivities, the food, the presents, pretty much everything. But as much as I enjoy it, the joy of Christmas quickly fades.

But God is no killjoy. He wants us to enjoy ourselves. He gives us good gifts so we can enjoy them. But that joy is but a taste of the joy incomparable that is ours in Christ. One day, when Jesus comes again, we will have joy beyond measure. As we enjoy Christmas (and it’s absolutely OK to enjoy it!) let it push us to think of the greater joy that awaits us in Jesus.