Christmas Snippets From The Interweb (25th December 2022)

As it’s Christmas Day, I thought it might be best to share a roundup of some of the best Christmassy blog posts and articles I

The Official Guide To Enjoying Your Christmas

Analysing everything to death and sucking the joy out of life

Christians are pretty expert at sucking the joy out of everything. You name it, we can find problems with it. Even if we can’t nail

Why Jesus came and how it impacts our approach to Christmas

At Christmas, many are now thinking about Jesus coming into the world. Not just the fact that he came, but the reason for his coming.

Merry Gnostic Christmas

Last year, I wrote about how we can get a bit gnostic at Christmas. We have the gnostic tendency in us a lot of the

If you’re having a carol service, remember it is evangelistic

Are you planning a carol service this year? We are. It is one of those extra-church things that we do, that we don’t particularly have

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