If Christmas is just cultural, celebrate (or don’t) however you want

It is the 1st December, which means this morning many people were getting up and opening the first door on their advent calendars. And that

What does your Christmas Day look like?

Can we try to be less miserable for a bit? Even the way we frame our questions exudes misery

Christians – some specific brands of Christian at that – have something of a reputation for being miserable. And nothing provides quite as much opportunity

Promises on which you can rely

We had already been told that there will be no new COVID curbs this side of Christmas. But still, people waited on tenterhooks to see

Three reflections as we approach Christmas

Here are three things you might want to think on this Christmas time: Let your gifts remind you of the greatest gift I think presents

Gear things around the regular and routine

Following the recent government announcements on COVID-19, the hospitality industry are reporting bookings down by 40% at this busy time of year. Many are saying

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