Merry Gnostic Christmas

Last year, I wrote about how we can get a bit gnostic at Christmas. We have the gnostic tendency in us a lot of the time at any rate, but at Christmas it really comes to the fore. So, rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I would reshare this post on how we can end up not really enjoying a very gnostic Christmas.

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If we don’t just enjoy good gifts and glorify God because of them, we are being deficient Christians. We are essentially spurning God’s good gifts to us. When the Lord states in his Word that wine is a good gift from him – notwithstanding the legit reasons some people might be best abstaining – we are effectively calling God a liar when we shun it and decry it as evil. The same is true for any good gift he gives us. When we refuse to enjoy what is manifestly not sinful, or we have to ‘spiritualise’ stuff to make it kosher, we are spurning what God has called good and given to us for our enjoyment.

Merry gnostic Christmas – Building Jerusalem