Our community will compel people to consider Christ – that’s often the problem

Yesterday, I uploaded a clip from our latest sermon in Acts 2. Here is another clip from that same sermon.

We considered the compelling apologetic that will bring people into the church. In Acts 2, it is the love of the believers one for another and the genuineness of their community that led to people coming to faith. In this short clip, there is an honest assessment of how well we are doing at Bethel Church on this front. We then ask some diagnosing questions that would apply to other churches too.

Some choice quotes:

Nobody has ever come to Christ by hearing, ‘see how they love going to their meetings’.

If the gospel is impacting our life day by day, if we are living out our faith every day, then in the things we say and the people we meet and the things we do, the things of Christ will just come out.

If we don’t have those sorts of things to talk about with people in the church, maybe it’s because we aren’t seeing enough of them. Maybe that’s because we don’t really love them in the way we should. Maybe it’s because we don’t really want to spend time with them. Maybe nobody will say, ‘see how they love one another’ because we don’t really love each other.