How do you decide who to support?

How do we live in light of eternity?

I have been thinking about death lately. Not least, with the death of my friend, who was living with terminal cancer for many years and

Do you miss your church?

I usually accept invites to preach out quite far in advance. My church tends to run a rota in 3-monthly burst and I usually write

What is your personal Nineveh?

I think we all have our own personal Nineveh. For some of us, it really is a place. For others of us, it’s particular types

What about the weaker brother?

The other day I wrote a post about whether women should think about the clothes they wear. You can read that post here. In essence,

Jesus doesn’t owe us, however it may feel

On Sunday night, my home became a house of sickness. First, my son came downstairs to tell us he felt sick. We sent him back

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