What makes a good minister’s fraternal?

Let’s stop getting hung up about using and sharing material for the sake of the kingdom

The other day, I spoke about a blog post on the Pastor’s Academy website written by John Benton. You can read what I said about

If it looks like a food bank, and smells like a food bank, it still might not be a food bank

At our church, we run a regular food club. Food clubs look quite a lot like food banks. In that, some people come and get

We need to distinguish friendship from fellowship

I, like most believers, have friends from all different walks of life. Some are Christians and some are not. I have friends with all sorts

Being small & getting sick

The one felt-need we can all easily meet

Every church reckons it wants children. That is, until children start coming and doing the sorts of things that children do. Then, every church wishes

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