Isn’t one enough?

Sometimes you just know the Lord is at work That’s not to say he’s not at work when you don’t sense it. He’s always at work, after all. But sometimes, while he’s at work, he is at work in ways that are particularly noticeable.

What is interesting is that sometimes, as one person is particularly aware of the Lord’s working, others of us are entirely oblivious. A set of circumstances that really speak to one person might be entirely lost on another. Something someone read that had a huge impact on them barely made any difference to someone else. A conversation that impacted one person might be soon forgotten by another.

For some people that is a point of concern. How can this be so impactful for me and not for you? Why did I get so much out of it when you didn’t? But that shouldn’t really matter.

Sometimes – I am quite sure even though the preacher didn’t plan it this way – sermons may be preached just for one person in the room. Sometimes books are written because they will impact someone specific. The Lord may well be at work and using whatever the thing is just for one person.

A friend of mine was speaking about success in planting. He said, maybe one day in glory, he’ll go along the street, hear a particular accent, and meet someone who said they became a believer because of a church he planted 200 years earlier in a forgotten little town. And as you meet that person in glory, wouldn’t that be enough? Sometimes – even in the work of planting new churches – the Lord may be doing it just for the sake of that one person.

And, indeed, isn’t that enough?