Should I go on mission?

I ocassionally get asked this question, so let me offer you a framework of questions to assess this:

Q1: Have you spoken to your elders about this?
A1: Yes (proceed to Q2)
A2: No (don’t go on mission)

Q2: Am I already involved in mission in my church?
A1: Yes (proceed to Q3)
A2: No (don’t go on mission)

Q3: Did my elders encourage me or discourage me?
A1: Encouraged me (proceed to Q4)
A2: Discouraged me (don’t go on mission)

Q4: Will key works at home stop if I go?
A1: No (proceed to Q5)
A2: Yes (don’t go on mission)

Q5: Will my work serve a local church, either the establishment of a new one or actively help an existing one?
A1: Yes (proceed to Q6)
A2: No (don’t go on mission)

Q6: Will the mission I am going on have long-term value?
A1: Yes (proceed to Q7)
A2: No (don’t go on mission)

Q7: Will my mission hinder the local community merely so I can have a nice experience?
A1: No (proceed to Q8)
A2: Yes (don’t go on mission)

Q8: Do I have a specific reason for wanting to go to this particular place?
A1: Yes (proceed to Q9)
A2: No (don’t go on mission)

Q9: Do you think the gospel would be better served and Jesus more glorified by going?
A1: No (don’t go on mission)
A2: Yes (go on mission)