It’s mainly a matter of confidence

Occasionally, I am asked for advice on how to best serve Iranians, or asylum seekers more generally, or how to reach South Asian Muslims, or

Though we don’t want to reinvent them, we might need different wheels

I sometimes wonder whether we lack a bit of imagination and a level of independence. Which is not great if you are an *ahem* Independent.

People often come, not because of what you do, but because of what you are

One thing that has been impressed on me over and over again in ministry is that very little happens specifically because of what we do.

Halloween & the value of light parties

Sometimes, no amount of evidence is enough

It is not uncommon, nor unreasonable, for people to ask us for evidence of why we believe in Jesus. It is perfectly right and proper

Light Party: What we said

Yesterday, we held our annual Light Party. Instead of celebrating Halloween, we want to celebrate the light that has come into the world. Many Muslims

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