It’s mainly a matter of confidence

Occasionally, I am asked for advice on how to best serve Iranians, or asylum seekers more generally, or how to reach South Asian Muslims, or

We can always be friendly

Small churches often wonder what they can offer. What can we do when we are so small? There are a bunch of things small churches

Why I am (usually) against event evangelism and the times I am not

I don’t think event-based evangelism is wrong or sinful. So, however you read the rest of what follows, know that I am not saying anyone

We need to rediscover manageable duty

It has long been known that the church is often somewhere on a pendulum swing. One generation emphases something so much, from which problems ensue,

What are your members doing?

In the church, there seems to be an expectation that the bigger you are the more staff you need. It seems obvious enough, doesn’t it?

World Cup finals, church and a telling matter of priorities

I should say from the front end, I am writing this on Friday – before anyone has or hasn’t been to church this morning –

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