Football health warnings and evangelism

So it seems a professor of something or other thinks that footballs should now be sold with dementia health warnings on them. The Times (paywall)

Should I go on mission?

I ocassionally get asked this question, so let me offer you a framework of questions to assess this: Q1: Have you spoken to your elders

God doesn’t need us to evangelise, but he wants us to anyway

I had a chat a little while ago with somebody about whether God needs us to do evangelism. I said he didn’t; they said he

Is it okay to build a platform?

Jeremy Marshall agrees with me that we know the gospel and we already have all we need for evangelism

As I write this, my friend Jeremy Marshall is getting on with trying to tell me why yesterday’s post about evangelism is definitely wrong. You

Evangelism isn’t complicated; you don’t need another course

Evangelism is often over-complicated. It pays to ask, what do we actually need to go about the business of the gospel? When you think about

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